Personal At Home Training for Muay Thai, Wt Loss

Personalized at Home training in Muay Thai is the most sought after means of

Losing Wt and gettin in shape can be fun

getting fit and losing weight in the US and Europe. Since 2007, many Bangaloreans have been actively training in Muay Thai for its tried and tested benefits in losing weight, sculpting the body and to become fighting fit.

Abhimanyu Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness has been the forerunner in bangalore in providing international quality training and methods of getting fighting fit.

You can avail of Personalized at Home training, if you want our Expert Muay Thai Instructor to train you in the privacy of your home and to chisel away your flab, fat and make you fighting fit.

Our credo is: If you arent fighting fit, you are not really fit! Personal At Home Training is for YOU  If:

1) You are between 7 and 70 yrs of age and want to lose weight, get back in shape
2) You want to lose your post pregnancy weight
3) You are overweight by 5 to 10 kgs
4) You are Obese and have excess of 10 to 20 kgs
5) Want to maintain normal weight and increase fitness level
6) Want to work on your Endurance, Flexibility, Strength
7) Want to work on Muscle Tone and Definition to fit into your old clothes!
8) Want to make a Practical Martial Art Muay Thai your Second-nature for Self Defense in urban scenarios
Just CALL     Nick on       9242876397      or sms the same.
Training Available in following areas apart from KORAMANGALA centre :
1) Whitefield, 2) Sadashivnagar, 3) RMV 2nd Statge, 4) Banaswadi, Kalyan nagar 5) BTM layout
6) Jayanagar 7) Brookfields 8) Indiranagar 9) Malleswaram
Call your Personal Trainer NOW :     Call   Nick  on       9242876397    or  9242788750

Please remember: Personal Training at Home is a Premium Program and you must register in advance to request Instructors for your home location in Bangalore.

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Muay Thai Training beats Obesity, Excess fat Flab

Burning calories and getting fit is on the top priority list for most people. But after trying many methods and hitting the gym, aerobics, and fad diets, not to mention pills and potions, numerous guys and gals are unsuccessful!

Most of these, turn to Muay Thai, the noble art of battlefield combat from Thailand. Muay Thai is a no-nonsense martial form that takes you through a process of building your strength and flexibilty and sculpting your body by melting fat and flab in all the right places, to make you fighting fit, and generally making you fit into clothes you only dreamt of fittin into!!

Call 9242876397 or    visit

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Free Health Body-Fat Analysis @ Palm Meadows July 4th, Sunday

Dear friends,

Abhimanyu Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness is offering Free Health Counselling, Body-fat Analysis and Health Talk on July 4th, 2010, Sunday between 2 pm and  6pm at the Palm Meadows Owners Association Hall (Above Namdhari’s).

Our health expert, Doctor Shehnaz will deliver an informed talk on:

“What Constitutes THE PERFECT BREAKFAST?” for Optimum health and nutrition!

Do drop in any time between 2 pm and 6pm for a  free Body fat Analysis and learn how you can get back in shape and also maintain your existing Fitness level.

Call Nick:

9242876397 / / 9242788750 // 9242170345

Visit: *

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Fitness Secrets

Fitness secrets may seem quite plain and no-brainers, but they work! A few simple points to remember to maintain fitness and lose weight include drinking at least 3 litres of water if you are not really into any form of exercise.

However, those who do any king of mild to strenous exercise must drink 4 litres of water in a day. Simple enough? i think so. Just remember to carry carry 4 bottles of water with you if you travel by car, and carry a 2 litre bottle if you travel by bike, so that you dont miss your daily quota of water. Without water intake in such adequate quantity, you can kiss your weight loss goals goodbye, as also your dream of developing strong muscles which in turn help you to lose weight faster.

For a custom designed fitness and diet program call our experienced fitness trainers, martial arts, muay thai, kickboxing, nutrition or diet experts:

call or sms: 09242876397 /  9242788750

Good luck with your weight loss goals.

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Food, Food Food!

Ah, to eat is to live! There isn’t anyone who doesn’t love to eat, is there? I, too, love to eat. And eat, I do. But there is a major difference. I’ll tell you what. Usually everyone eats whenever they ‘feel’ hungry. Right? But 9 out of ten times, we are really NOT hungry, but only feel hungry, due to a variety of reasons. i will explain. The reason we feel hungry even when we are really not hungry is due to the satiety factor. Most modernized foods which include anything and everything that is not directly consumed as fruit, plant, vegetable or grains and pulses. Although, processed foods are derived from plants, fruits, vegetables, grains or pulses, during their processing (conversion of the original cellular structure and composition) into packaged and Supermarket or K-mart ready produce and meals, most of the essential nutrients are lost and the essential nourishing property of the food is Lost, TOTALLY!

So, what we finally consume does not give us the essentially required proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, in  the right proportion, form or chemical composition! if you can take a leap with me- We are eating nuked-out, or Zapped foods that are most beneficial in the compost heap than in our stomachs!

Such food leaves us without any Satiety or satisfaction, and we must therefore more and more of such addictive food. . . This cycle continues and we are forever in the vicious cycle of adding toxin rich food that add killer fats in our body and more dangerously over our vital organs like pancreas, liver, kidneys, heart, and intestines. This is what is termed as OBESITY. The modern MASS KILLER which afflicts more people than AIDS. Obesity causes a long list of diseases like cancers of vital organs, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, depression and so on.

This sounds a bit extreme, but we have come to the most extreme of circumstances. Indeed. Let NOW be the time when we decide to WAKE-UP. Go to the nearest clinic or doctor and get yourself tested for Obesity and the above related ailments. Remember, if you catch a disease and treat it soon enough, your chances of full recovery and 100% health improves by more than 87%.

It is everyone’s right to have food that is nourishing for the entire body and soul.

Call 9242876397 or 9242788759 to know more about Obesity and how you can recover FULLY.

Losing Weight and becoming fighting fit is possible, and without fad dieting and starvation.

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